Advanced Light materials
for electric vehicles

About Levis Project

LEVIS, short for Advanced Light materials for sustainable Electrical Vehicles by Integration of eco-design and circular economy Strategies, is a HORIZON 2020 project funded by the European Union under the H2020-LC-GV-2018-2019-2020 Building a low-carbon, climate resilient future: Green Vehicles call.

LEVIS’ aim is to develop lightweight components for electric vehicles using eco-design and circular approaches. Our consortium – built by industrial and research partners from seven countries – envisages to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of producing these components in three real-case demonstrators at a large scale: a suspension arm, a battery box set and a cross car beam.

Challenge and our proposal

As electrical cars are powered by heavy-weight batteries, car manufacturers and suppliers must search for new light-weighting technologies to compensate this excess weight in other car components.

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Our Concept

LEVIS has the ambition to set-up new design and manufacturing routes for lightweight structural parts for electrical vehicles combining...

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The objective of @EUProject_LEVIS project is to develop, verify and demonstrate the manufacture of #lightweight structural #parts in #ElectricVehicles.
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Greenvehicles LEVIS@EUProject_LEVIS

💡 By adopting #ecodesign from the design phase to the #endoflife stage, @EUProject_LEVIS will develop, verify and demonstrate #lightweight components in #EVs through 3 real-case demonstrators. Learn more and subscribe for project updates 👉!

♻️ #CircularEconomy is about keeping products & materials in the economy as long as possible by reusing, recycling & repairing, thus minimising waste. CircularEconomy is a main block of the EU #GreenDeal ▶️ and supported by LEVIS ▶️

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👥 Meet @EUProject_LEVIS partner @leartiker 👉, contributing by demonstrator design & validation, mould design & manufacturing and material characterisation & optimisation! They are also involved in modelling & simulation of structural integrity and #LCA.

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