Light materials for Electric vehicles

Rise Sicomp AB (RISE)





Year of Foundation

1989, merged into RISE in 2018

RISE SICOMP AB, previously Swerea SICOMP AB, belongs to RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. RISE SICOMP is a leading Nordic research institute focusing on development and innovation of polymer-based composite materials and technologies towards global goals for a sustainable future. The applied research and product development at SICOMP aim for solutions that give lower energy consumption, decreased emissions, cleaner energy alternatives, renewable materials, cost-efficient manufacturing methods as well as safer and more sustainable structures. Applied research, education, consultancy services and technology transfer to industry are our main activities. Process Science and Manufacturing, Structural Design and Materials Science are our technology areas. The main areas of expertise/core competence of RISE SICOMP are:

  • Engineering design and structural analysis
  • Materials development and characterization
  • Process technology and simulation
  • Damage tolerances, fatigue and failure analysis
  • Product development and prototype manufacture
  • Service life evaluation
  • Circular Bioeconomy

RISE SICOMP has achieved a strong position within European composites research, and continuously been involved in international, European and national research programmes in the areas of aeronautics and space, road vehicles, marine, bioeconomy and forestry, process industry, energy, digitalization, infrastructures and other areas with high requirement on properties, durability and service life. The research activities have resulted in a number of test methods, simulation programs, patents and commercial composite applications. Our clients and partners range from small European composite processors to very large multinational industry corporations.

ROLE In the project

In the LEVIS project, RISE SICOMP will lead the technology development of composites reuse and recycling, particularly those that can maximize the value of EoL composite parts. In addition, RISE SICOMP will contribute to 1) advancing design- and manufacturing technologies, particularly towards high-volume production, for FRP materials and FRP/metal multi-materials multifunctional structures with reduced environmental impact and enhanced recyclability, and 2) advancing testing- and simulation technology for reliable evaluation of service life of composite materials and structures. Together with partners in LEVIS, we expect to verify at prototype level the materials and structures which will be developed; furthermore, demonstrate their advantages in the electrical vehicle fleet.


Guan Gong

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