Light materials for Electric vehicles

Stichting Cenex Nederland (CENEX NL)





Year of Foundation


CENEX, established in 2005 as the UK’s first Centre of Excellence for Low Carbon and Fuel Cell

Technologies, today employs 35 mobility experts, engineers and natural scientists working in close collaboration from two offices in the UK and one in Amsterdam. The CENEX companies are independent non-for-profit research and consultancy organisations, specialising in supporting their partners to make the transition to a low emission future. They have a broad knowledge of zero emission vehicles (battery and fuel cell electric) and the associated energy infrastructure, working across all vehicle types from motorcycles to Heavy Duty Trucks. They are also experts in charging infrastructure and its integration with the energy system including smart and V2G charging systems. CENEX specialises in applying the Circular Economy to electronics and vehicle technology value chains. Circular Economy project examples involve:

  • Supporting procurers with circular economy methodology (circular procurement of EVs and related infrastructure)
  • Life cycle thinking approach in assessing e-mobility technology (e.g. Life Cycle Assessment)
  • Extending the EV batteries’ life cycle (e.g. repurposing End-of-life EV batteries for static storage)

CENEX has an extensive dissemination network and regularly speaks at conferences across the EU. It also runs the LCV (, one of Europe’s premier Low Carbon Vehicle business to business events. LCV2019 featured over 250 exhibitors from across the globe and an audience of over 4 500 senior industry and academic specialists.

ROLE In the project

CENEX’ overall involvement in the LEVIS project lies on its expertise in Circular Economy and environmental technology assessments. CENEX will:

  • Contribute to the demonstrator development with a specific lead on eco-design principles applied to demonstrator design
  • Lead the coordination of the evaluation of environmental and technoeconomic Impacts. CENEX will be primarily responsible for the environmental impact of demonstrators by LCA and will contribute to the replicability studies and potential weight reduction impact.
  • Support the project partners in the end-of-life research (recycling and material recovery technologies)
  • Be involved in dissemination and communication activities by diffusing the project learnings across its network of industrial partners and RTOs, and during its annual LCV.


Floris Teunissen

Assistant Technical Specialist | Cenex Nederland

+ 31 (0) 20 36 99 883

Correspondence address: Jollemanhof 148, 1019 GW Amsterdam, North Holland NL

Visiting address: A-LAB, Overhoeksplein 2, 1031 KS  Amsterdam, North Holland NL