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Year of Foundation


Marelli Ride Dynamics (former Suspension Systems) is one of the Marelli business lines in charge of designing and producing suspension modules and components for motor vehicles. Besides Italy, Marelli is also present in Poland, Brazil, Mexico and China. Within the Suspension Systems business line, the available products range from individual components (control arms, cross member, axles, knuckles, brake discs) to assembled modules (wheel groups, semi-corners). Marelli’s structured design and testing department is capable of satisfying any type of technical request coming from customers, with the possibility to develop parts according to specifications or as an improvement to an existing drawing.  A well-established knowledge of the main process technologies within the automotive sector and careful management of suppliers and partners allows Marelli to manufacture suspensions in a wide range of materials, also including composite materials, both thermoplastic and thermosets, fully controlling their quality and performance features. In the last years Marelli’s innovation is especially dedicated to the lightweight materials and solutions, in particular composites. Marelli is widely using several materials and processes to replace their suspension structural components with their lightweight counterparts.

ROLE In the project

Marelli will be involved in

  • Materials with improved properties and multiple-functionalities to identify a cost-effective and high productive rate manufacturing process for multi-material components
  • Numerical simulation tools to design a lightweight suspension component according to the identified process technology and to support the metal replacement project with composite materials with multiscale structural analysis
  • In-service health monitoring and inspection to identify the best sensor type for the application
  • Repair, disassembly, recycling and LCA in order to evaluate and compare the overall environmental footprint with respect to metal solution


Salvatore Sottile

Advanced Material Applications Engineer

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Marelli Suspension Systems Italy S.p.A

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