Light materials for Electric vehicles

Collaborations - EnLightEVs


LEVIS is funded under the call LC-GV-06-2020 Advanced light materials and their production processes for automotive applications. Four other projects have also received funding under the same call topic. LEVIS has reached out to all of them to initiate cooperation activities among the projects with the aim of finding synergies and maximising the projects’ impacts across the EU and beyond.

The projects jointly form the cluster EnLightEVs.


Lightweight vehicles are a concern for the internal combustion engine car of yesterday but now the world needs the car of the future, a lightweight electric vehicle whose parts can be reused and recycled. Imagined by a strong, international collaboration of scientists, researchers, and engineers, ALMA is breaking boundaries and established systems, looking revolutionize the automotive industry for a greener future. 

ALMA’s ambition is to make electric cars more sustainable, lightweight, and efficient through an eco-design approach using advanced materials. ALMA’s strength is in its cooperation and altruistic approach for the people and planet. 


Fatigue4Light project is focused on the development of new tests and computer simulation methods to better estimate the fatigue life of chassis components and to select the optimal materials for lighter vehicle chassis.

The project will apply new materials tailored to the requirements of vehicle chassis, such as advanced high-strength steels, special automotive stainless steels, high-strength aluminium alloys and hybrid metal-fibre reinforced polymeric materials.

The goal is to reduce vehicle chassis weight compared to the current solutions, taking into account eco-design and circular economy aspects.


FLAMINGo will propose a novel industrial manufacturing route for the efficient production of high-performance lightweight Aluminium composite materials thanks to a novel metallurgical and forming combined approach for making automotive parts. The intensification of use of the Aluminum composites will be driven mainly by the battery-electric vehicle (BEV) technology that are forcing automakers to look for innovative ways to lightweight the vehicles. The goals of FLAMINGo will be related to the manufacturing of a strengthened Aluminum Metal Matrix nano-Composites Al-MMnC with elevated properties, in terms of strength and stiffness, compared to current Al alloys used in automotive. FLAMINGo will provide engineering solutions to substitute steel components in BEV automotive parts and achieve a substantial reduction of weight.


REVOLUTION focusses on overcoming the challenges hindering the use of recycled materials, but more broadly, restricting the widespread adoption of circular economy principles in the automotive industry.

REVOLUTION aims to demonstrate automotive components, using polymer solutions that feature optimised recycled materials in order to increase light-weighting opportunities that extend the range and efficiency of Electric Vehicles and improve end-of-life separation of components to facilitate proper dismantling and the material’s reuse, recovery, and recycling.