Light materials for Electric vehicles

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O Porriño, Pontevedra

Year of Foundation

AIMEN is a Non-Profit Innovation and Technology Centre, highly specialized in materials and advanced manufacturing technologies applied to high performance materials development and processing, robotics and automation. It provides technological support to more than 500 companies dedicated to industrial or commercial activity in the fields of Automotive, Aeronautics, Shipbuilding, Metal- Mechanical, Wind Energy, Metallurgy, Chemical and Building. AIMEN promotes and undertakes research, as well as improves design, simulation and manufacturing technologies. Located in the Northwest of Spain (headquarters) with offices also in Madrid and Seville, AIMEN is a highly professionalised organisation, with more than 240 employees specialised in the fields of Materials Science, Welding, Manufacturing Process Engineering, Robotics and Control Engineering, Testing, and Laser Processing. AIMEN’s mission is to improve the competitiveness and the technological know-how of the manufacturing industry through the following activities: (i) R&D projects, (ii) Technology forecasting, (iii) Acquisition and development of emergent technologies, (iv) Promotion of technological innovation inside the companies. Around two thirds of AIMEN’s R&D projects are in collaboration with the industry, with the objective of providing new technological solutions in the medium term.

ROLE In the project

AIMEN will contribute with its expertise in the field of multi-material design and more specifically related with the development of manufacturing processes combining both thermoplastic composites and metallic components development. AIMEN leads the work area of manufacturing and assembly technologies. In addition, AIMEN will contribute to

  • Manufacturing of thermoplastics composites and multi-material components comprising both metals and composites by different routes.
  • Thermoplastics welding by means of different technologies.
  • Surface treatments for bonding and welding as well as for one-shot (net shape) manufacturing approaches.
  • Material and components characterisation at different levels.
  • SHM expertise in this case tackling sensitivity studies of the sensor response
  • Communication and dissemination actions


Laura Mera

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