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Centre Technologique Nouvelle-Aquitaine Composites & Matériaux Avancés (CANOE)





Year of Foundation


CANOE is a R&T center, French non-profit RTO. CANOE is focused onto i) reactive liquid acrylic-based resin materials formulation, ii) bio-based carbon fibre carbonisation process, iii) fibre-reinforced thermoplastic acrylic-based composite manufacturing process (infusion, RTM, pultrusion, filament winding), iv) acrylic composite recycling process and v) characterization and materials testing. CANOE has developed a strong experience onto the development of UD fibre-reinforced thermoplastic tape by impregnation method. CANOE’s main objective is to support companies, particularly SMEs, in the development of new products and processes through pilot line capabilities (from TRL3 to TRL6): R&D services (feasibility study, prototyping, scale-up demonstration, materials testing….), R&D cooperative projects and training courses. CANOE mainly addresses the following application sectors: transport (automotive, aerospace, railway, marine industry…), defence, renewable energy (electrode and pack for battery, H2 pressure composite storage vessel, wind energy composite blade, photovoltaic panel), sustainable building, sport and leisure.

ROLE In the project

  • cost-effective cellulose-based carbon fibre development for fibre-reinforced acrylic composite parts
  • continuous carbon fibre impregnation process development for dry preform manufacturing by ATL deposition process
  • carbon-fibre reinforced acrylic tape development by impregnation/photopolymerisation process for dry preform manufacturing and hybrid composite/metal assembly by ATL deposition process
  • acrylic-based resin formulation development for RTM process and lab-scale carbon fibre-reinforced acrylic composite development by RTM process
  • acrylic-based resin formulation development for pultrusion process and lab-scale carbon fibre reinforced acrylic pultruded composite development by pultrusion process.
    In addition, CANOE will contribute to the process scale-up and industrial implementation for the manufacturing of the carbon fibre-reinforced acrylic composite demonstrator (use case)


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