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La Défense, Paris

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Mersen is a French international company and global expert in electrical power and advanced materials, based in 35 countries with 53 production facilities. Mersen is organized in two segments: The Advanced Materials segment and the Electrical Power segment. The latter represents 45% of total sales and includes two activities related to electricity markets: (i) power conversion and (ii) equipment and people protection. Power conversion aims at changing the nature, voltage, intensity or frequency of the current to meet diverse applications, such as speed drivers, transformation of solar and wind energy, and the management of battery-based systems. To perform this function, Mersen designs cooling devices, bus bars, capacitors and highspeed fuses that are integrated around power electronics components or lithium-ion battery packs. Equipment and people protection aims at preventing the destruction of industrial and commercial electrical equipment, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply and stabilizing the electrical network. This function is performed by industrial fuses and all related accessories as well as by surge protection devices. Mersen is a key player in the conception and manufacturing of busbars, cooling systems and fuses for any markets. Electrical vehicle is a key market for Mersen, already providing fuse and busbar solutions, like for the cell interconnexion in battery modules. As an electrical solution specialist, Mersen can design and manufacture all distribution and protection systems included in battery packs, according to all automotive, environmental and safety requirements. Mersen can also work, in relationship with a battery module assembler, on smart and highly integrated solutions.

ROLE In the project

Mersen will participate in Demo 2, focusing its contribution on integrating bus-bar productions and smart sensors for monitoring. Its main contribution lies in the demonstrator development and additionally in the support of other work areas such as materials design and development and manufacturing and assembly technologies.


Thomas FOUET

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