Light materials for Electric vehicles

Yeşilova Holding (YOVA)





Year of Foundation


Yeşilova Holding A.Ş. is a private SME (according to SME self-assessment questionnaire) company locates in Bursa. Yeşilova has 47 employees, and more than 3 quarter of the employees have bachelor’s degree or more. Yeşilova Holding A.Ş. has 7 sister companies which makes all structure has more than 1200 employees which was 315 in 2013 in total. Yeşilova Holding A.Ş. has 1,998,436,00 € consolidated annual turnover. All companies’ annual turnover is about 140 million € with 45% export rate in 2019 totally. Yeşilova Holding has been producing industrial aluminium products for nearly half a century. In addition to developing products for many different sectors that need aluminium, it has become an expert in the automotive industry and produces products for the main industry, as well as offering turn-key solutions to its customers by selling engineering services with its product development competences. It has aluminium extrusion presses, high pressure casting machines and aluminium welding competence, various robotic forming and assembly lines. Yeşilova Holding R&D Centre is an R&D centre approved by the Ministry of Science and Industry of Turkey since 2015. Product scope consists of crash boxes, cross car beams, battery cases, subframes and other chassis components. Yeşilova has several ongoing R&D projects funded by EC and TÜBİTAK on various topics and leading two R&D projects as a coordinator in H2020 (ALBATROSS) and in Smart Eureka, also Yeşilova takes place as a partner in another H2020 (LEVIS) related to battery carrier development. Also, new product development studies, technical meetings, patent activities focused on the battery cases are continuing.

ROLE In the project

Yeşilova’s contribution lies in the demonstrator of multi-material battery tray use case where it is mainly responsible for the design of the battery case, manufacturing of aluminum components, assembling and virtual (CAE) validation with some physical material (laboratory) characterization tests.