Light materials for Electric vehicles

Leartiker S. Coop (LEAR)




Markina-Xemein, Bizkaia

Year of Foundation


Leartiker is a Technological Centre specialized on Polymer and Food Technology and is part of the Basque Innovation System and the Mondragon Group. Leartiker adds value to the business sector through its suitably transferred R&D+i activity. In Leartiker Polymers Technology research is conducted through the following technology specializations:

Sustainable Transport:
Leartiker develops lightweight, reliable, and quiet polymeric structures and predicts their behavior using digitalization techniques. Research is carried out in three main fields of application that are connected through the development of multi-material product and processes, considering the scalability of the process:

  • Thermoplastics: focused on structural reliability and functionality.
  • Thermosets: with the focus on lightweighting and high-performance.
  • Elastomers: centered on vibration absorption and durability.

Leartiker develops new biocompatible polymeric materials for medical devices. Research is performed in three technological fields of design and development of medical devices:

  • Microfluidics: injection-compression of POC devices.
  • Tissue engineering: biomaterials and cell regeneration processes.
  • Medical devices: needs from doctors and patients, from the idea to the pre-series.

Leartiker is composed of 50 highly qualified professionals, including 15 PhD. It is working on 50 R&D projects, with an estimated turnover of 4,5 M€. Leartiker has published 50 scientific papers and owns 12 patents.

ROLE In the project

Leartiker contributes to LEVIS by supporting Marelli, Mersen, Yesilova and Tofas in the development and fabrication process of demonstrators. Its role consists of demonstrator design and validation, mould design and manufacturing, material characterisation as well as process and structural simulations. It is also involved in material and process optimization, as well as in modelling and simulation of structural integrity. Additionally, Leartiker contributes to the evaluation of environmental and technoeconomic impacts for LCA and LCC activities.


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