Light materials for Electric vehicles

Privé Srl (PRI)





Year of Foundation


Privé is an engineering company founded in 2010 by five charter members, four engineers and a mathematician, who believed in the importance to provide a wide range of professional solutions in the electrical powertrains market. Privé supports OEMs in their product development activities in a workflow covering all phases of an engineering e-mobility project development and provides engineering and testing services. The engineering services are oriented to battery design (cells type and chemistry, modules design, mechanical connections and housing, thermal management), components in vehicle integration, derating and safety strategy implementation. Specialised in HV component testing and homologation, Privé can provide full design validation plans, compliance tests, certification and homologation tests. As a system integrator Privé has tested tens of different solutions over the years, gaining experience in the powertrain’s related daily life problems, covering the following project’s phases: Concept (Vehicles Requirements, Technical specification, Preliminary Design, Bill Of Materials, Suppliers Scouting, Planning and Timeline), development (Electric Design, Mechanical Design, Assembly and integration), test and validation (Functional Tests, Reliability and Durability Tests).

ROLE In the project

Privé will perform a replicability study, oriented to replicate the results of the demonstrators in other EV components and parts. Additionally, Privé will contribute to the demonstrator development by providing support to Demo 2 in the specification of requirements of the battery box set.


Walter Vinciotti

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