Light materials for Electric vehicles

Tofaş Türk Otomobil Fabrikasi A.Ş. (TOFAS)





Year of Foundation

Founded in 1968, TOFAŞ is the only company in Turkey that manufactures both passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. TOFAŞ is a Koç Holding and Stellantis partnership in which each controls an equal stake.

VISION: TOWARDS ONE MILLION VEHICLES PER ANNUM… To be a leading automotive company that shapes customer expectations and is a source of pride.

MISSION: To improve people’s quality of life by providing them with the products and services that best suit society’s need for mobility.

TOFAŞ R&D: TOFAŞ continually invests in know-how expansion and advanced technology in order to develop value-added systems and innovative products. TOFAŞ R&D’s vision is to create and develop exciting vehicles and new technologies that fully satisfy growing customers’ needs in every part of the world. TOFAŞ R&D, thanks to its team know-how, contributes and participates actively to the Stellantis product development network.

The mission that TOFAŞ R&D has identified in line with this vision include:

  • Developing brand new and updated passenger and light commercial vehicles suitable for any market, environmentally friendly, compliant with regulation, satisfying and exciting customers while adopting new technologies.
  • Translating explicit and implicit customer requirements into technical specifications, to engineer and industrialize system & components that realize the future vehicle performance.
  • Achieving scientific and technological improvement and getting to original scientific and technical contents, pursuing the robustness of design and processes so that the value for the customer is constantly improved.

ROLE In the project

Increasing some important performance characteristics of EV vehicles (less energy consumption, more range, more driving comfort etc.) are related with lightweighting. With the LEVIS project, TOFAŞ aims to achieve the best lightweighting results in terms of part price and investment costs by using multiple materials and different joining techniques in the Cross Car Beam component. TOFAŞ will carry out part design, virtual verification tests (CAE), physical part production (prototyping), physical design verification tests (on prototype parts) and design approval in this project.