Demo 1 Showcase at JEC World 2024

Mar 8, 2024

JEC World gathers the whole value chain of the composite materials industry in Paris (France) every year and is “the place to be” for composites professionals from all over the world.

The event brings together not only all major global companies, but also innovative startups in the field of composites and advanced materials, experts, academics, scientists, and R&D leaders.

JEC World is also the “festival of composites”, offering a unique showcase of what composites can offer to various application sectors, from aerospace to marine, from construction to automotive, and an unlimited source of inspiration for participants from these industries.

This year at JEC, our dedicated team members from ITAINNOVA, AIMEN, CANOE, and CEA Liten, proudly showcased our innovative LEVIS demonstrators and cutting-edge technologies. Among our highlights was our Project Demonstrator 1, a novel multi-material lightweight suspension arm, developed collaboratively by LEVIS partners AIMENMarelli, ITAINNOVA, CEA Liten, CANOERISE, and Cenex Nederland.