Online Consortium Meeting

May 23, 2024

The M39 Consortium Meeting held remotely on 22 May 2024 highlighted significant progress for the LEVIS team. As the project nears its completion in July, we are delighted to share important updates from the meeting.

LEVIS has been pioneering in driving innovation towards more sustainable automotive solutions. Our latest developments demonstrate how LEVIS’ technologies not only enhance vehicle efficiency but also substantially reduce environmental impacts, maintaining mechanical integrity and reliability throughout.

During the meeting, we explored critical areas such as manufacturing processes, demo validation, modelling, structural health monitoring activities, and end-of-life strategies. Additionally, we thoroughly evaluated the environmental and techno-economic impacts of our innovations to ensure comprehensive sustainability.


Key Results Highlighted:

  • Achieved a significant 20-40% weight reduction in vehicle components.
  • Realized substantial cost reductions in production.
  • Attained enhanced recycling rates of up to 80% for multi-material components.
  • Achieved a minimum of 5% reduction in global warming potential at the vehicle level.
  • Demonstrated scalability of our advancements, applicable to over 60% of vehicle chassis and body components.


As we advance into the final stages of the project, our focus is concentrated on finalizing the last tests of the demonstrators and concluding part manufacturing and assembly processes.

Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to advance automotive sustainability and innovation.