LEVIS at ECCM21: Advancing Composite Innovation

Jul 9, 2024

LEVIS project partner AIMEN Centro Tecnológico participated in the 21st European Conference on Composite Materials (ECCM21) in Nantes, France, on July 3, 2024. AIMEN presented the project consortium’s groundbreaking development of a lightweight suspension arm for electric vehicles, showcasing the latest advancements in Thermoplastic Resin Transfer Moulding (T-RTM).


Advancing Composite Technologies in the Automotive Industry

ECCM21 serves as a premier forum for experts to exchange ideas and explore the forefront of composite materials technology. AIMEN Centro Tecnológico’s participation highlights LEVIS’ dedication to pioneering composite technology and promoting sustainable innovations across the automotive sector through collaborative research efforts.

Dr Elena Rodríguez-Senín, Head of Advanced Materials at AIMEN, detailed the development of an innovative lightweight suspension control arm based on thermoplastic resin transfer moulding (T-RTM) for electric vehicles. AIMEN, based in Spain, plays a crucial role in the LEVIS project by specializing in the integration of thermoplastic composites and metallic components. They lead advancements in manufacturing processes and contribute significantly to the project’s innovative material and assembly technologies.


Groundbreaking Results through Collaborative Efforts

The development of the suspension arm is a testament to the collaborative spirit of the LEVIS consortium, engaging renowned industry and research partners across Europe. In her presentation, Elena Rodríguez-Senín described the utilization of non-crimp fabric carbon fibre and acrylic thermoplastic resin (Elium®), focusing on aspects such as permeability, curing monitoring, and mechanical properties, ensuring optimized process parameters for superior performance. The presentation session provided insights into significant strides made in multi-material design and manufacturing for automotive applications.


“At ECCM21, we showcased how the LEVIS project’s commitment to innovation is steering the automotive industry toward more sustainable and high-performance vehicles. Our collaborative efforts highlight the transformative potential of advanced composites in promoting green mobility.”

– Dr. Elena Rodríguez-Senín, Head of Advanced Materials at AIMEN


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