LEVIS unveils cutting-edge sustainable automotive technologies at CEP Auto 2024

May 29, 2024

The LEVIS project partners ITA and Leartiker will present the project’s pioneering work at the 20th International Conference on Automotive Plastics, CEP Auto 2024, in Barcelona on May 29th and 30th, 2024. This esteemed event unites industry leaders to discuss sustainable advancements in automotive plastics and composites.


Showcasing Innovations: ITA and Leartiker at CEP Auto 2024

CEP Auto is renowned for its commitment to promoting innovative and sustainable practices within the automotive plastics sector. The conference provides a rich environment for high-level technical presentations and valuable networking, addressing critical industry challenges like decarbonization and the creation of eco-friendly vehicle technologies.

Representing ITA, the Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón, Cristina Crespo and Manuel Laspalas will showcase a side-beam demo from a battery box, demonstrating the project’s commitment to lightweight and sustainable automotive design. ITA, based in Zaragoza, Spain, leads the LEVIS project coordination and emphasizes modelling and simulation to ensure the integrity and functionality of materials and designs developed under the project.

From Leartiker, Blanca Lekube and Kepa Zulueta will display a battery module housing with an integrated busbar, showcasing the practical application of the project’s research into multi-material solutions. Situated in the Basque Country, Leartiker plays a pivotal role in the LEVIS project by driving the design, validation, and manufacturing processes, focusing on sustainable and efficient material solutions.


LEVIS Project: Pioneering Lightweight, Sustainable Auto Components

The LEVIS project has distinguished itself in the development of sustainable, lightweight components for electric vehicles. Innovations such as the battery module housing with an integrated busbar and the side beam of the battery box demonstrate substantial advancements. The project has achieved impressive outcomes including a 20-40% reduction in the weight of vehicle components. Through the integration of eco-design principles utilizing recycled and recyclable materials, the project minimizes environmental impact. Additionally, the development of debonding-on-demand procedures enhances the recyclability and repairability of components, while the adoption of new manufacturing processes ensures cost efficiency and improves assembly processes. Enhanced safety and reliability are achieved through the integration of advanced monitoring technologies, ensuring the longevity and performance of vehicle components.


Join Us at CEP Auto 2024: Experience LEVIS Innovations Firsthand

We cordially invite visitors to explore the ITA and Leartiker stands at CEP Auto to learn more about the transformative contributions of the LEVIS project to automotive sustainability. Their stands offer an in-depth look at how these technologies affect modern vehicle design and contribute to a greener future.


“Participating in CEP Auto 2024 is not merely about showcasing our latest innovations. It’s a profound opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue about sustainable practices in the automotive industry. We are eager to demonstrate how LEVIS technologies play a crucial role in advancing lightweight materials and eco-design. This conference allows us to highlight the practical applications of our research and our commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive technology for a sustainable future.”

– Blanca Lekube, Project Manager and Scientific Researcher at Leartiker