Apr 24, 2023

The LEVIS project, funded by the European Commission, is set to participate in JEC World 2023, the world’s most important event for the composites industry. At JEC World, the LEVIS project will showcase its innovative solutions for the sustainable production of large-scale composite parts. By leveraging cutting-edge materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, the LEVIS project is developing lightweight components that will assure that future electric vehicles (EVs) are both energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

JEC World 2023 is the largest international event dedicated to composites and advanced materials, and it is the perfect platform for the LEVIS project to showcase its innovative solutions. The event brings together key players from the industry, including manufacturers, suppliers, and researchers, to exchange knowledge and ideas and explore the latest trends and developments in the field. At JEC World 2023, the LEVIS project will have the opportunity to present its cutting-edge technology and network with potential partners and clients. The event will also provide valuable insights into the current state of the market, as well as future opportunities and challenges. The LEVIS project will be represented by project partners AIMEN (AIMEN Technology Centre) and CANOE (Centre Technologique Nouvelle-Aquitaine Composites & Matériaux Avancés).

AIMEN is a Spanish Innovation and Technology Centre, highly specialized in materials and advanced manufacturing technologies applied to high-performance materials development and processing, robotics and automation. It provides technical support in the fields of automotive, aeronautics, shipbuilding, metal mechanics, wind energy, metallurgy, chemicals and building. In the LEVIS project, AIMEN leads the work area of manufacturing and assembly technologies and is developing manufacturing processes for thermoplastic composites and multi-material components, combining both thermoplastic composites and metallic components. CANOE is a French Research and Technology Centre focused on materials formulation, innovative carbon fibre development, fibre-reinforced thermoplastic composite manufacturing, composite recycling, as well as characterization and materials testing. Within the framework of LEVIS, CANOE is leading the materials design and development work package, and is developing liquid reactive resin formulation and cost-effective bio-based carbon fibres for manufacturing thermoplastic, acrylic-based, fibre-reinforced composite semi-products and finished parts. Processes envisaged for these material developments include resin transfer moulding (RTM) and pultrusion.

“With its focus on sustainability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, the LEVIS project is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the composites industry, and JEC World 2023 is the perfect platform to showcase its potential.”

– Laura Mera, Senior Project Manager at AIMEN

“By showcasing our groundbreaking technologies and products at JEC World 2023, the LEVIS project is not only contributing to the advancement of the transportation industry, but we also want to inspire others to follow suit. JEC provides a platform for businesses to collaborate and share ideas, which can lead to new partnerships and business opportunities.”

– Maxence Fache, R&D Engineer at CANOE

We invite you to join us at JEC World 2023 and learn more about the LEVIS project and how we are contributing to the shift to sustainable transportation. You will find AIMEN at Booth 6 G 86 and CANOE at Booth 6 F 73.

For further information contact:

Laura Mera
AIMEN Centro Tecnológico
+34 986 344 000 Ext. 3257 / +34 697 992 270

Maxence FACHE
+33 5 35 38 97 27