LEVIS General Assembly in Bursa, Turkey, to be hosted by Yeşilova and Tofaş

Sep 27, 2023

The EU-funded LEVIS project, formed by thirteen industrial and research partners from seven countries, will convene its M30 General Assembly meeting on September 27th and 28th, 2023, in Bursa, Turkey, hosted by esteemed partners Yeşilova and TOFAŞ.


LEVIS is focused on developing lightweight components for electric vehicles (EVs) with an emphasis on eco-design and circular approaches. The project centres on utilizing multi-material solutions, specifically fibre-reinforced thermoplastic composites integrated with metal, produced through cost-effective and scalable manufacturing technologies.

During the General Assembly, comprehensive assessments of the project’s overall progress and the performance of its real-case demonstrators – suspension arm, battery box set, and cross-car beam – will take place. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to engage in site visits at Yeşilova’s and TOFAŞ’s facilities, gaining firsthand insight into the project partners’ expertise.

Yeşilova, welcoming the project consortium on the first meeting day, is a significant player in industrial aluminium product manufacturing. In the LEVIS project, Yeşilova is responsible for designing the battery case, manufacturing aluminium components, assembling, and conducting virtual validation along with physical material characterization tests.

Host of the second meeting day TOFAŞ is a leading automotive company in Turkey, manufacturing both passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. In the LEVIS project, TOFAŞ is utilizing multiple materials and different joining techniques in the cross car beam component to achieve the best lightweighting results in terms of part price and investment costs. TOFAŞ’s contributions span part design, virtual verification tests, physical part production and design verification tests on prototype parts.

“LEVIS is dedicated to advancing lightweighting technologies, and our involvement in the project exemplifies our commitment to sustainability in the automotive sector. We are delighted to host this event and share our contributions.” 

– Fatih Bağmancı, R&D Product Development Engineer at Yeşilova. 


“TOFAŞ is excited to contribute to the development of lightweight components for electric vehicles. We believe that lightweighting is a key factor in the future of EVs, and this event is a valuable opportunity to review the progress of the project.”

– Tevfik Can Özgür, Project Chief at TOFAŞ




For further information contact:  

Fatih Bağmancı

Tevfik Can Özgür