21 November 2022



LEVIS partner ITAINNOVA hostsed an online conference on 21-25 November 2022. The first day of TECHWEEK was dedicated to “Sustainable Mobility”: Mobility faces the challenge, especially in large cities, of generating new, less polluting models that support the new mobility demands of citizens. In the coming years, autonomous and clean vehicles, interconnected mobility, and intelligent systems for the distribution of goods will be key. The TECHWEEK aims at any company or organization that wants to learn first-hand about the challenges that must be addressed for the future of society.

ITAINNOVA has been engaged in a process of reflection with leading players in each area to design innovative solutions aligned with each of their challenges, identified 5 areas that will have a great impact on society in the coming years, and set up 5 events:

21/11/2022: Sustainable Mobility

22/11/2022: Digital Agroindustry

23/11/2022: Efficient and Circular Industry

24/11/2022: Intelligent Health

25/11/2022: Clean Energy


The EU Project LEVIS was presented by Agustín Chiminelli from ITAINNOVA on 21 November 2022, 12:10 – 12:25 pm.

Picture and event info credits: II TechWeek | Movilidad Sostenible – ITAINNOVA