26-27 September 2023

Utrecht, The Netherlands

AVERE E-Mobility Conference 2023

AEC 2023 is at a crossroads for industry, consumers and government to join forces to take emobility to the next level. This conference will thus rest on five pillars that will constitute the key enablers for a smooth transition to zero-emission mobility:

  • Beyond the plug
  • Clean heavy-duty vehicles
  • Resilient energy infrastructure
  • Future-proof supply chain
  • Skills for the future

Each pillar will be addressed through panel discussions, roundtable, side-events that will gather decision-makers, EV industry representatives and EV consumers representatives.

These discussions will be followed by networking sessions which will give the opportunity to exchange with pioneers in the industry, lawmakers but also researchers.

The two days event will take place from September 26-27, 2023 in Utrecht – a pioneer in electromobility and the world’s first bidirectional city.

Picture and event info credits:  AEC 2023 (aec-conference.eu)