Successful web seminar on sensors for EVs

Jun 5, 2023

In May 2023, EU projects LEVIS and REVOLUTION hosted a web seminar focused on “Sensors for electric vehicles: challenges, advances & applications.” The virtual event brought together industry experts, academics, and researchers to discuss the latest technical solutions and advancements in sensor technology for electric vehicles.


The web seminar provided a platform for experts and stakeholders to discuss the challenges and opportunities of using novel sensor technologies to promote sustainable manufacturing practices in the automotive industry. It also showcased the latest advances and innovative solutions in this field.


Antoine Latour, research engineer, technical coordinator at CEA and leading expert on sensors technology participated in the event as one of the main speakers and introduced the audience to different applications of sensors in the automotive sector. He further presented the sensors developed in the LEVIS project and their fabrication process and described the integration of sensors for structural health monitoring (SHM) purposes.


“For the past two years, LEVIS has been working intensely on the development of innovative solutions for sensors used in electric vehicles. We have made significant advancements in the areas of durability, accuracy, and efficiency of these sensors, and we are confident that our work will revolutionize the electric vehicle industry. It is clear that the industry is making strides towards more efficient and sustainable electric vehicles, and the continued development of sensors technology plays a critical role in achieving this goal.”

– Antoine Latour


The web seminar was recorded and is available for viewing here: