EU Green Week Web Seminar Completed

Jul 3, 2023

The ENLIGHT EVs Cluster took part in the EU Green Week with a webinar on sustainable mobility.


The ENLIGHT EVs Cluster, composed of the projects FLAMINGo, REVOLUTION, LEVIS, Alma, and Fatigue4Light, organised a webinar titled “Towards a more sustainable mobility through the implementation of advanced solutions and lightweight materials in Electric Vehicles”. The online event took place on the 6th of June 2023 during the EU Green Week.

The primary goal of the EU Green Week is to inspire individuals, communities, and organizations to enhance their future efforts in safeguarding, conserving, and revitalizing our environment. It emphasizes the importance of sustainable development by fostering a proactive approach to protect our planet for both present and future generations.

In connection with the above, the purpose of the cluster’s webinar was to highlight cutting-edge solutions that can be swiftly implemented in the automotive industry to decrease the weight of Electric Vehicles, thus fostering a more resilient and sustainable mobility ecosystem. The representatives of each project had the opportunity to showcase the main innovations, developments, and research carried out to contribute to a more sustainable mobility and automotive sector.


More specifically:

Fatigue4Light outlined a unique eco-design methodology aimed at achieving substantial weight reduction and sustainable, environmentally friendly technology development. The methodology includes comprehensive life cycle assessments, life cycle costing, and the implementation of eco-design principles.

ALMA highlighted its dedication to sustainability and lightweighting electric vehicle structures with a focus on strategies that promote reuse and recycling. In this context, the BEVSIM tool was introduced, a user-friendly life cycle assessment tool designed to contribute to the project’s comprehensive sustainability approach.

FLAMINGo focused on the importance of reducing vehicle weight by enhancing the properties of aluminium to compete with steel. Through an innovative method for nanoparticle inclusion, significant weight reductions have been achieved in vehicle components.

REVOLUTION is harnessing the power of digitalization to enhance the manufacturing process and quality of car components. Their efforts include advanced lightweight materials and innovative injection moulding techniques aided by machine learning and artificial intelligence.

LEVIS focused on the development of lighter components for electric vehicles using innovative materials and assembly technologies. In the webinar, they stressed the importance of end-of-life recycling strategies and environmental and economic impact analysis to support their initiatives.


If you missed the webinar, watch the recording here to learn more.