Upcoming web seminar on sensors for EVs

May 8, 2023

European projects LEVIS and REVOLUTION are holding a web seminar on May 10, 2023, from 10 am to 12 pm CET titled “Sensors for electric vehicles: challenges, advances & applications.” The online event is open to anyone interested in the future of sustainable manufacturing for electric vehicle components.


The web seminar will provide a platform for experts and stakeholders to discuss the challenges and opportunities of using novel sensor technologies to promote sustainable manufacturing practices in the automotive industry. It will also showcase the latest advances and innovative solutions in this field.


LEVIS project aims to develop lightweight components for EVs using eco-design and circular approaches. LEVIS makes use of multi-material solutions based on fibre-reinforced thermoplastic composites integrated with metal, which will be produced using cost-effective and scalable manufacturing technologies. The project consortium’s goal is to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of producing these components in three real-case demonstrators at a large scale: a suspension arm, a battery box set and a cross-car beam.


REVOLUTION focuses on overcoming the challenges hindering the use of recycled materials, but more broadly, restricting the widespread adoption of circular economy principles in the automotive industry. REVOLUTION aims to demonstrate automotive components, using polymer solutions that feature optimised recycled materials to increase light-weighting opportunities that extend the range and efficiency of EVs and improve end-of-life separation of components to facilitate proper dismantling and the material’s reuse, recovery, and recycling.


With the world’s focus on reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability, the web seminar is perfectly suited for anyone interested in the future of electric vehicles. Register now to reserve your spot and join the journey towards a more sustainable future.