25-27 January 2023

Detroit, US I Online

LCA 2023

The LCA, Circularity & Sustainable Materials For Carbon Neutral Vehicles 2023 is a unique virtual forum designed to provide the automotive industry with a roadmap towards achieving carbon neutral solutions in the most cost effective way possible. Working Towards Delivering A Transparent And Holistic Approach To LCA, Recycling, Reuse And End Of Life.

For the latest instalment of the LCA, Circularity & Sustainable Materials Conference North America 2023 we’re further innovating the conference. This is going to be our inaugural live/hybrid event for the North American market. There is still the option to attend virtually, however, attendees advised us that the face-to- face format is important for finding solutions and creative collaboration. We’ve also expanded the agenda to include discovering solutions for non-plastic materials and batteries, as well as sharing ideas on LCA calculations and a decarbonization strategy.

The first day focuses on the decarbonization plan, LCA calculations, and applying the circularity principles to non-metal materials. So, taking a look at the recycling of mixed material combinations combining plastics and composites. The entire second day is devoted to applying circularity principles to batteries and related components, including motors. Plus, looking at how new disruptive technologies in the form of synthetic, or e-fuels, and hydrogen usage in ICE engines could soon revolutionize the industry and take it in a new completely new direction.